Keeping Up with Our Turbulent World

My presentation is now focusing on the challenges we face not just with change – but more profoundly the transitions we face as we traverse key life markers such as age, life situation, aspirations we have and aspirations that have eclipsed. Keeping up with American life demands attention, critical thinking and enthusiasm for change!

Here is a resource I have found helpful understanding where America is headed demographically, economically and globally. It’s from the Pew Research Center and is a readable analysis of what’s coming in the next few decades.

Next America

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Finally Going to Technology

I suppose it was inevitable that I would finally incorporate visual supplements to my presentation. The fact is that there is so much emerging, changing research on the topic of social isolation, media use and social distress that I decided to incorporate power point (actually Mac Based Keynote). It went swimmingly in a presentation in Pittsburgh this month and I am really enthused for the results. It has added impact and more cohesion to the speech. Of course in some certain venues it will not be needed or helpful, but for the most part I am delighted to further empower my presentation.

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Eli Lilly Corporation

Had a great time delivering two keynotes to the folks at Eli Lilly Company. What a delightful day.

Thank you Dr. Cynthia Allen for the hospitality and support! 

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Annual Crisis Intervention Conference

October 4, 2013

In Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin with over 600 remarkable professionals at the 17th Annual Crisis Intervention Conference. These are the clinical professionals who are on the front line of serving people whose lives are in dire circumstances. They have a passion for helping but clearly run the risk of sustaining their own well being. They really responded positively to the mixture of insight and humor.

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September 30, 2013 San Antonio, Texas

Had the honor of delivering a keynote to the annual meeting of the National Association of Insurance And Financial Advisors in wonderful San Antonio, Texas.  This group, well over a century old is the leading voice for the industry of professionals who guard advise and guard our personal investments. The group was a great audience and really responded to the message of finding balance in their stressful lives through the empowerment of Refrigerator Rights Relationships. Thanks NAIFA!

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